Neural Networks


The business model focuses on three main Revenue Streams

Our nodes look at data and perform operations to learn and model relationships to develop flexible decisions by computations. We help transactions know who, what, when and how to better serve. Potentially developing the loyalty and trust that helps cannabis brands "Seize the Moment".

Advertising and Sponsorship

Business Directories

Platform as a Service (PAAS)

User Engagement


CMN learns and registers information procured from the video and user uploads and shares. Capturing information on what was viewed, when, how, where, play activity the viewer behaviour provides better recommendations and user retainership using triggers and associations.

WeedTV applies this with Traditional pre and post-roll ads, video overlays and banners.

machine learning

Machine Learning with CMN helps fulfilment and logistics, personalization and recommendations, computer vision and translation, fraud prevention, forecasting and supply chain optimization.

WeedTV uses this Machine Learning with the Paid business listings located behind published content.

Deep Learning

CMN provides Deep Learning tools for Computer Vision, Speech recognition, Natural Language Processing and Recommendation Engines. We combine technologies from Deep Learning frameworks such as Amazon, Intel, Tensorflow, ApacheMXNet Microsoft Cognitive to bring a wide variety of use cases.

WeedTV Deep Learning tools provides Licensing a menu of data collection, subscriber information, and revenue generating tools.

Federated Learning

By capturing key data you become aware of your target audience and competitors so that you can focus campaigns to apply sucessful marketing techniques to better increase chances of building a trusting brand identity. CMN applies the latest technology to help you understand your audience.

WeedTV Federated Learning is Content Syndication, Loyalty Programs, Live Broadcasting, Pay Events, Special Offers, and Customer Coupons.

Value Live Converstions
Benefit Instant Empowerment

Brain Inspired Computing (BIC) offers parallel systems for algorithms and high performance networking. CMN leverages Neuromorphic Computing for Big Data Analysis and Bioinformatics applications.

WeedTV analyzes data and environmental conditons and searches for ways to help operate more efficiently and smarter. Our Human AI allows for video broadasting and live engagement via our Edge Network whether it is for customers and guests or used internally with staff members.

CMN Algorithms
Value Informed Decisions
Benefit Increase Conversions

By training algorithms with millions of labeled images, deep learning neural networks can successfully identify subjects as well or even better than humans, leading to advanced capabilities like rapid facial recognition. This is just a single concept of how CMN applies algorithms to media.

WeedTV is a Cannabis AI Platform that connects users and uses these algorithms for a better experience and reccommends products and stores based on user locations, relevancy and interests.

Platform Overview

Better Cannabis Commerce

Tools that Convert Content into Commerce

Our Cannabis Channel Partner Brand WeedTV offers AI-driven solutions for live streaming events, corporate communication, video analytics and content management.

CMN's business model is a Platform as a Service (PAAS) where all types of businesses can use the CMN Platform to enhance their artificial intelligence, algorithms, syndication, while expanding their reach to understand the emotions of their customers and users.

  • Build Video Channels and Live Broadcasting

    Connect with your community and stream to Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Twitch and other platforms.

  • Build Storefronts and Brand Channels

    Help them find you online everywhere that matters. Target ready buyers, and create loyalty.

  • Develop Real-Time Messaging Services

    Invite community members, share your Video, your Store, your Product, your Brand and much more.

  • Create Live Interactive Loyalty Campaigns

    Turn Your Customer Database Into an Automated Marketing Strategy.

  • Excite, Engage, Enact.

    CMN is AI for Cannabis

    Engage and Reward Customers.

    • Reccommend Products and Services.
    • Develop Loyalty Programs.
    • Know your business. Know your Customers.
  • 01

    Video CMS

    A place where viewers have access to entertainment, information, exclusive offers, special events and creative experiences while socially connected with providers and other lifestyle enthusiasts.

  • 02

    Audience Manager

    While traditional social media publishers make substantial investments in time and money, they don’t own their own information. They are creating it for the large networks to monetize and share a portion with the publishers.

  • 03

    Emotion Experience Engine

    Unlike other social media platforms, CMN allows publishers and Channel Partners access to information from its opt-in subscribers and assists them to better market and communicate to their targeted audience.

  • 04

    Marketplace Marketing

    At any time, a network may not agree with the publisher's point of view and with the push of a button may cancel the publisher. With CMN, we put you in control of your content channels and users. Your data Your way.

  • 05

    Transaction Compliance Kit

    Data collected varies depending on the level of information shared, but in general will include the subscribers name, email, phone number, credit card and viewing habits, none of which is available on traditional media platforms.

  • Excite, Engage, Enact.

    The CMN platform is ideal for industries:

  • Art and Galleries
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Building and Design
  • Dining and Culinary
  • Electronic Toys and Gadgets
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hobbies and Collections
  • Money and Investments
  • Music and Events
  • Pets
  • Travel
Building Tomorrow Today.

"We're going to be able to ask our computers to monitor things for us, and when certain conditions happen, are triggered, the computers will take certain actions and inform us after the fact."

Steve Jobs, Apple
Famous Quotes

Mindful Neural Quotes

    “Your brain does not manufacture thoughts. Your thoughts shape neural networks.”

    Deepak Chopra
    Deepak Chopra Author

    "Deep neural networks are responsible for some of the greatest advances in modern computer science."

    Jeff Dean
    Jeff Dean Google AI Research

    "The neural network is this kind of technology that is not an algorithm, it is a network that has weights on it, and you can adjust the weights so that it learns. You teach it through trials."

    Howard Rheingold
    Howard Rheingold Writer

    "In the past, Google has used teams of humans to 'read' its street address images - in essence, to render images into actionable data. But using neural network technology, the company has trained computers to extract that data automatically - and with a level of accuracy that meets or beats human operators."

    John Battelle
    John Battelle Recount Media

    “Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on.”

    Larry Page
    Larry Page Google