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Using next generation technology and a creative distribution platform, CMN is able to focus on any underserved media lifestyle market by providing them a turnkey digital marketing and data collection platform.

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Our proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence and learning algorithms on a content streaming platform that provides the user with a highly interactive social media experience. This is done while empowering CMN’s publishers and Channel Partners to know and control their audience by assessing coveted data and analytical information not currently shared by the large social media platforms.


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WeedTV WeedTV Executive Summary
Monetize your Data.

Social Media companies make money off your hard work and your network.

CMN does the opposite.

CMN rewards you to help you make the profit you deserve, off data collected by your network.


Cannabis Applications and AI Solutions

  • Video CMS
  • Live Streaming
  • Shopping Engine

We Develop Cannabis Intelligence

Data develops usage patterns and behaviour knowledge which we use to recommend and help make the experience easier.

We Value Convenience and Functionality

WeedTV is a simple to use platform to help convert customers to audiences. We continue to evolve the experience.

Experience Allows Us to Implement New Ideas

Media, Technical, Operational backgrounds bring the mindset to focus new ideas on transactions. Creative to Analytical values - knowing is knowing what to know.

CMN is building a Better Cannabis Service

We Offer Innovative Technologies using the latest learning pools to build better real world scenarios. We focus on input, computations and activations.

Building Long-term Relationships for Cannabis Brands

Competitive markets require loyalty platforms to continue trust and sustain transactions. Know what, when, where and how to better serve.

New Media

Weed TV is a CMN AI People Learning Network.

Our Team

Why Cannabis? Very simply, Cannabis is an early stage, explosively growing industry ideally suited to the education, entertainment and market opportunities CMN was created to provide.

With 80,000 Cannabis-related businesses attempting to reach forty-eight million current US cannabis consumers it is perhaps the most underserved industry in America.

Unlike news, music and sports it is an industry without a major dedicated media network. WeedTV is that network.

CMN has reinvented the approach to monetizing media and created a new business model expanding the way content creators and networks monetize content.

The industry we have chosen to focus on first is Cannabis. The brand is WeedTV, our flagship network. WeedTV will be to Cannabis what CNN is to News, MTV to Music, and ESPN to Sports.
Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley CEO, President
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